A Little Goth

goth 4

Because… why  not? Sometimes we forget how fun getting dressed really is. It allows us to transform into anyone we want to be that day. And the commitment is as small as changing clothes… pretty cool when you actually think about it.

A friend of mine was wearing these amazing Doc Martens the other day and I basically freaked out and had to have them. And on the upside, they were on super sale at Off Broadway shoes, so I snagged these creepers for $22! I haven’t really been able to take them off since I got them, and you’d be surprised how easily these guys are fitting into my wardrobe. read more

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Undone Suiting

radio 3

Somedays, I just want to throw on a good suit and be done with it, you know? The only problem is that a suit would be way too fancy for my office. So, the next best thing? My take on a dressed down suit comprised of slouchy trousers, an open white button-down, and a vest in lieu of a blazer. I love how polished I felt (and look) in this outfit, and it’s definitely one I plan on recreating with more colorful separates in my closet.

Another thing I want to share with you guys is the NextRadio app. For those of you who know me or have been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am a TV host that studied broadcasting in college and I have a penchant for anything entertainment: tv, movies, and radio. I am a radio junkie! Even with all the new streaming technologies where we can listen to whatever music we want whenever we want, I always find myself tuning in to my favorite radio stations. read more

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Mixing Black + Brown

suede 3

Sometimes, you just want to say suck it to “rules.” This outfit was inspired by one of those moments, when I saw a post online saying that black and brown were the two colors that should never be worn together.

First off, I disagree.

And second, there are way less appealing color combos… green and red? black and yellow? orange and black? Tons.. I actually quite fancy mixing browns and blacks, especially when there are contrasting textures. I always like the way leather and suede look together… must be something about the soft slick surface of the leather contrasted against the rugged suede. read more

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Casual Friday

casual 2

Some days you just want to throw on your coziest clothes and call it a day. But recently, I’ve had a paradigm shift. Comfortable doesn’t have to equal sweats or workout clothes. In fact, I never realized how many cozy pieces I have in my closet until recently.

If you think about it, the act of putting on clothes, whether it’s an evening dress or gym clothes, is the exact same process. With the exception of things that are super tight or corseted, the very act of putting on clothes is almost the same across the board. So why, on our laziest days, do we get out of our sleeping wear and into loungewear, when we just as easily could have put on an outfit? read more

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The Perfect Summer Outfit






Gosh I love a jumpsuit! They are so dang easy – and they can look really stylish if styled correctly. This black, silk jumpsuit is one of my favorites in my closet because it’s super basic and can be dressed up or down.

This outfit is all about surviving a hot summer night. It has been out of control hot and humid in Los Angeles, so I’ve been reaching for my lightest, airiest pieces to get me through the sweltering days and nights!

I’ve been on an “explore Los Angeles kick” and have had a blast doing it with my photographer, Elaine Torres. Fun fact: I lived in downtown LA for 4 years in college while going to U.S.C., and, let me tell you, the downtown I remember is NOTHING like the downtown today. We spent an afternoon in the Arts District, and even stumbled across the famous Instagram wings! read more

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