Exposed Fishnets Underneath Ripped Jeans

Exposed fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Boots Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Trend Ripped Jeans Trend White Jeans Beret Allison McNamara fashion blogger

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Beret Blazer Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans Exposed Trend White Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans White Jeans Ripped Beret Allison McNamara

Exposed Fishnets Ripped Jeans

The fishnets trend has taken over, and one of my favorite ways to wear the look is layering them underneath a pair of ripped jeans. I love exposed fishnets ripped jeans and like how the fishnets peek out at the knees and the thighs, and are exposed a tiny bit at the waist. If you would have told me I would be wearing fishnets hanging out from my jeans  last year, I wouldn’t have believed it! But there is something so fun and undeniably punk about wearing fishnets ripped jeans, skirts, tights… and they look irreverent and cool. read more

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How to Wear Beatnik Inspired Fashion







Perhaps it’s because I’m nose deep in Just Kids by Patti Smith, or perhaps it’s my love the ’60s–whatever the case, I’ve been channeling Beatnik inspired fashion as of late. I keep finding myself looking into Jack Kerouac, pinning ’50s and ’60s women with long hair and black leos, and most importantly, channeling their no rules, care-free attitude. 

In order to nail a Beatnik-inspired fashion look, you’ve got to start with all black. So, in true Beatnik fashion, the base of this look is all black–including a dress from Reformation, a beret from Amazon, and these OTK boots from Aldo. However, I did make it a bit more exciting with this gorgeous plaid neutral coat from H&M.  read more

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