The Best Neutral Matte Lipsticks Money Can Buy

Colourpop Neutral Matte Lipsticks in Beeper

Neutral matte lipsticks Coloupop medium brown Beeper

Neutral matte lipsticks medium brown Colourpop in Beeper

Neutral matte lipsticks light peach color jouer

Neutral Matte Lipsticks light peach


Neutral matte lipsticks reigned supreme this year, and for good reason. They come in every shade from nude to blue, have mega staying power, and are the perfect compliment to a bold eye. Needless to say, I’ve been on the same matte lip kick as the rest of the beauty world, and I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon, which is why I wanted to round up my favorite neutral matte lipsticks on the market.

1. Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Beeper

This quickly became my go-to brown lip. Since I’m fair, this color really pops against my skin and I love the rich brown tone. And, it doesn’t hurt that it stays on all day! I’m wearing Beeper in the first two pictures of this post. read more

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PINK 1-4

PINK 1-5


PINK 1-6

PINK 1-3

I know, I know –– you’ve seen this wall a bajillion times! I think the first time I saw this wall on Instagram was on mega-blogger extraordinaire and, now friend, Aimee Song from Song of Style’s feed. I remember thinking to myself, if I had a blog I would love to shoot there. Honestly, I never thought I would have a blog, but now I do (and I’m having a blast doing it by the way) so I figured, it was time to shoot in front of the instamous Paul Smith wall. Instamous – great word huh? I hope it catches on and doesn’t die a sad death like “fetch.” read more

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Born to Stand Out




I have always had a huge appreciation for vintage. My love of clothes came from my mom and she has given me so many awesome items that I still wear today, including this stellar neck scarf I wore a few posts ago. While I have the patience of a two year old most of the time, for some reason when it comes to clothes, I’m OK with the chase, after all, a great find can be hard to come by.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over the world, collecting items from my journeys. However, there is one store that reigns supreme — Funky Town tucked away in Camden Market in London, England. I’ve shopped there twice and both times come home with armfuls of awesome dresses; however, this one is by far my favorite of the bunch. read more

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