Dressed Up, With Kicks

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On the days that I can’t find anything to wear, I rely on a good, all-black outfit. This skirt has to be one of my favorite skirts that I own, because I love the way I can dress it up or down. I’ve styled it with everything from denim to a tee shirt, and here, I decided to go for a soft, silk button up. I wanted an outfit that was polished enough for a slew of work events, but comfy enough to last all night.

So… converse! By now you know that sneakers are totally acceptable among the fashion set, and I love this trend, which ramped up about 4 years ago when athleisure took off. In fact, sneakers should no longer be called a trend and more a way of life, an essential in any closet. I adore the way a pair of sneakers can add a laid-back sensibility to even the dressiest outfits, without looking out of place. read more

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Still Kickin’

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NYE might be over, but my feet don’t know the difference! I instantly fell in love with these disco ball shoes, and knew they’d be the perfect hangover helper to get me through these post-NYE days.

I have always had a penchant for fun footwear, and these seemed like a must-have in my wardrobe. I decided to style them with all black to really let them pop. I’ve been into the silk dress over jeans look recently, so I reached for this beautiful All Saints v-neck tunic that I always end up wearing three days in a row because it’s just that comfortable and versatile. read more

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