White Shirt Redux

white shirt redux blazer shorts suit

white shirt redux white oxford with stripe top blazer and shorts with loafers on blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux stripe top blazer shorts suit redhead Fashion Blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux black blazer shorts suit redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux red head fashion blogger Allison McNamara

white shirt redux redhead fashion blogger Allison McNamara


One of the trends I really love for spring and summer is the creative reinvention of the white button down. Or as the fashion set is calling it, the white shirt redux. For quick clarification–redux means “brought back or revival.” Now I’m not saying that white shirts ever really went anywhere, but I predict we’ll be seeing white shirts worn in a variety of new ways and morphed into unique shapes and silhouettes. You guys know by now that button ups are a staple of mine, and I’m always up for a styling challenge… especially if it involves reinventing a classic! read more

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Anything But Ordinary










Hello Pretties! Something about this outfit make me feel tres sophisticated. But in the quirky Aunt sort of way–you know what I mean? The person in your life who is unapologetically odd, enjoys trying out bold accessories, and doesn’t shy away from something that’s a little off the beaten path. 

I’m in the midst of a personal life + style evolution. Aesthetically for my blog, I’m in the process of redesigning it to be more user friendly and share more content here on the main page, allowing you to peruse more of my content that get’s lost after a week in my main feature slider. On a personal style note, I’m trying to foster my inner love for the weirder side of fashion, because I think that’s what sets me apart in this super saturated blogger industry. Sure, I love a Chanel boy bag and off-the-shoulder dresses from Revolve just as much as the next girl, but I’m looking to challenge myself to share innovative outfit inspiration that you can’t find elsewhere. read more

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Flower Girl













There’s something about a pretty maxi dress that makes me feel like the most luxurious gal in the world. Perhaps it’s the flowy fabric and the ability to lounge gracefully on a chaise lounge… the ultimate “Elie Saab for Breakfast” moment. My friend Kasia came up with that phrase, and we use it to describe this scenario of someone who wears a gorgeous couture dress to eat breakfast in, because they can. The idea of wearing something so incredibly luxe and ridiculous and gorgeous, while eating yogurt and berries and coffee, because why not.  read more

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Red Hot Weekend

red dress 4-1

red dress - 5

red dress 9

red dress 3-1

Red dress - 1

red dress 7

red dress 3

red dress 8

red dress 11

red dress 2

I’m heading into the long weekend with a bright red dress in tow! I think we can all agree that 3 day weekends are awesome, and are one of the reasons why summer is so special. There’s nothing quite like a weekend staycation at a destination close enough to drive to, but far enough to feel like a mini vacate. I’m not quite sure where the weekend will take me yet… but one thing’s for sure –  I’m definitely in need of a little R&R.  read more

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Raw Edge Hats and Perpetual June Gloom

blue printed dress straw hat 1

blue dress with hat 3

blue dress with hat 2

blue dress with hat 4

June gloom is in full effect,  but I’m not letting it stop me from wearing flirty summer dresses. Blue is the hue of the season, and I’m working it into my wardrobe with this printed powder blue dress.

A Venice beach day calls for an easy dress I can slip on and look polished. Currently (aka always) I’m into styling sweet pieces with items that have a bit more edge, so I added on a tiny string choker and a raw edge straw hat to made the outfit feel less prim and proper. Fact: this little string choker one served as the draw string closer to a fancy shoe bag, but it’s now living a second life as a key piece of jewelry currently in my rotation… after all, I’m all about a simple DIY at the end of the day.  read more

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