Black and White Happy Hour



Happy hour will always have a special place in my heart. As I’ve gotten older and busier, 5pm cocktails isn’t as easy to swing after work as it was when I was 24. That being said, a good early night on the town with friends is something I certainly try and squeeze in when I can.

These Cameo skirt/shorts are so cool you guys. I wore them at Coachella first, so clearly they are incredibly versatile. Not many pieces can go from the desert fairgrounds to a night out in LA, so consider these shorts a new favorite of mine. I’m all about easy outfits.

I decided to keep it simple with a knit black, crew neck sweater, boots, a leather jacket,and a black clutch. But really, the statement here is the backdrop. This magical fairytale house I discovered just down my street. It looks like it could be straight out of Snow White or something mysterious in the English countryside, and I absolutely love it and want to live here. It’s sweet and creepy at the same time. Now I just have to figure out who actually lives here so we can be friends…¬†Shop my look below!

Sweater | G-Star

Skirt/Shorts | Cameo

Boots | H&M

Jacket | Superdry 

Clutch | Proenza Schouler

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