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Skin is in! At least it is when it comes to showing your shoulder this fall. And that’s shoulder, singular, as in one shoulder. I honestly thought I’d never see the day where I made a cognizant choice to wear a one shoulder anything ever again.

The one shoulder reminds me of two things that make me shudder. One, the ’80s. Sure, I was an ’80s infant, but for some reason everything about that decade I really don’t like–the hair, the clothes, even the music I could do without. And two, my first on-camera video for Popsugar. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to wear a mustard yellow one shoulder dress with a studded belt… yeah, you get it.

Any who, the one shoulder, to me, doesn’t ring “chic.” But, designers proved me wrong, and showed off tons of interesting ways to wear a one shoulder look this season. Case in point, the top I have on. The subtle green and pink leopard print gives life to a ladylike silhouette, and the high neck and unique arm cutout make it cool enough for all ages to wear.  I decided to leave it untucked over a pleated skirt, and used a vintage green belt to add shape.

Start shopping the trend below!

Top | Elliatt    Skirt | Zara    Bag | Vintage Ferragamo    Shoes | Chloe    Bag | Perverse    Photos | Elaine Torres

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