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I have been on the hunt for short sleeve button downs for awhile. They’re actually quite rare and hard to find, especially ones that are made specifically for the ladies. I’ve talked about this before–I’m not wild about my upper arms, and I prefer to cover them if I have the option. I love a long sleeve button down, and I have sleeveless versions too–but I want something in between. 

I finally found a style that I love from Uniqlo, and it’s only $30. I bought them in a bunch of different colors like white, navy, etc. I enjoy that it feels more polished than a t-shirt but not as dressy as a blouse. Here, I tucked it into a denim skirt, added on a vintage red bandana, and some ’70s sunglasses. The sunglasses are pretty cool right? I snagged them from the DSC house when I filmed a few little segments for them. Check the video out here!

Like what you see? Get shopping below! xx

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