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I guess you can kind of add designer to my resume, because my first collection with eLUXE is finally out! I’m a sucker for a good tee, so you can predict my excitement when eLUXE approached me to design my very own. I had tons of ideas, but finally settled on the theme magic. And get this, it came to me in a dream! No joke –– I had mystical ladies dancing through my mind adorned in cape like outerwear, that was so sheer it could have been misconstrued for limp fairy wings, and Stevie Nicks inspired top hats. Needless to say, the dream was rad.

The result? Two pieces inspired by magic and mysticism. One is a black sweatshirt punctuated with the moon phase calendar in the lightest shade of pale pink. The other is a whimsical blue club playing card blowing off into the wind like a dandelion. I like the number 2 because it is the day I was born in April. It also has a rarity to it –– I’ve always had a penchant for $2 bills.

I hope you like the pieces I’ve created, and get excited, because I have two more coming your way in January!

Shop them right HERE! Let me know what you think xx


TEST - Eluxe 1

TEST eluxe3

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