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Sometimes it’s the simple things that have the most impact. I was having one of those days where I didn’t want to wear anything in my closet. I’ve been trying to spend less on clothes and more on my home, so I get frustrated occasionally because I’m pretty accustomed to having new items in rotation. As annoyed as I get from time to time, it’s a good exercise for me to explore new combinations in my wardrobe; after all, isn’t that was “style” and “styling” is all about?

It’s been unimaginably hot in Los Angeles – hotter than I have ever previously experienced here. And the humidity is rivaling that of the South. For that reason, I started off with a classic jean short and white tee combo. Simple, easy, and a great canvas for adding on jackets and fun accessories. I dug up this Elizabeth and James red silk blazer from my massive blazer collection, and I have a whole new love for it. I actually wore it 3 days in a row after this! See, that’s the perk of forcing yourself to style from within instead of going out and buying new things. On another note, I’ve had these pearly white Adidas’s for awhile, but had yet to wear them. So, they made their first debut on the mean streets of LA with this ensemble. I like the sporty touches juxtaposed with ultra girly add ons, like the tortoise shell cat-eye sunglasses and the bright red lipstick. This whole look feels pulled together, cohesive, and effortless.

I’d also like to add that we shot this story at my new favorite general store in LA, Broome Street General Store in Silver Lake. They have the most delicious mint iced tea and enough nick nacks to keep my ADD self occupied for at least 30 minutes. It’s my new go-to when I want to work outside (look how cute the blue tables are!) or need a fancy hipster gift for a friend.

My full outfit details and designer names below, and I’ve put together some same and similar items for you guys to shop! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. xx

Jacket | Elizabeth and James

Tee | Rag and Bone

Shorts | Madewell

Sneakers | Adidas

Bag | Alexander Wang

Necklace | Jennifer Meyer

Sunglasses | House of Harlow 1960

Lipstick | Maybelline

Photos | Elaine Torres


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