Real-Girl Way to Wear Slip Dress + Chunky Knit

Slip 3

I have always wanted to be “the girl who casually rocks the chunky knit over the slip dress,” but sadly, every time I’ve tried to wear the look I’ve felt like a poser. After chatting with a few of my friends about my slip/ knit debacle, I quickly realized I was not alone. This is NOT an easy look to pull off. Pinterest and Instagram may lead you to think otherwise, but I assure you, if you are not a supermodel, this look can fall flat time and time again.

So, why did I even bother trying to make it work? There is something so effortless about this combo. It’s like, “I just rolled out of bed in my silk chemise. It was cold, so I threw on a sweater. And then added heels, grabbed my bag and viola…”

Now, we all know the story never goes this way — but the idea of an outfit being thoughtless and chic is something us fashion lovers will always chase. Even if the chase seems relentless and never-ending.

However, dear friends, I think my chase is over. To pull off this look, I decided to play with knits and dresses in the same shade. Usually, you see a light silk dress (code: unflattering) paired with a chunky turtleneck that cuts you off right at the thigh (code: even more unflattering,) so I wanted to try this combo in a darker navy shade. 

The result? I think it’s brilliant. Not to mention, I really did feel like the girl who rolled out of bed, grabbed her sweater and hit the town. And that’s the whole point of fashion right? To feel good in our own skin? I encourage you all to try it and see how you feel 🙂 Outfit details and a great gallery to shop below.


Slip 4

Slip 6

Slip 2

Sweater | LOFT   Dress | Zara   Shoes | ShoeDazzle   Wallet | Balenciaga   Necklace | Jennifer Meyer   Earring | BaubleBar

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