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You guys, this post is super exciting for several reasons. First off, I want to introduce you to a new handbag designer that I absolutely love, Jenni Jane. I had the pleasure of having a quick coffee with the designer, Jennifer, in Venice the other day, which turned into a quick shoot with all of her gorgeous bags. You guys probably know by now that I adore anything French, and Jennifer is the quintessential Parisian transplant in LA, and her bags are no exception. They echo the spirit of France with California sensibility. 

Now, when in doubt, I wear denim punched up with amazing accessories. I got these high waisted Levi’s a few months ago, and I was actually a little nervous to wear them out at first because I always feel conscious in super high waisted denim. I have a pretty short torso (aka super short upper body compared to my lower half) so I feel like jeans that hit at my navel make me look even less proportionate.

Anyways, these were the first pair of high waisted jeans that I really felt good in, and after wearing them about 8 times, I’m SO happy with the feel and fit. Some days, I want to be super casual. This was one of them! So I reached for a simple white button down and my Levi’s monogrammed denim jacket. But if you’re going to go super simple, you’ve got to play up the accessories.

Styling tip: lace up flats give the illusion of length and draw your eye up and down, so they look flattering paired with cropped jeans!

However, I think it’s pretty obvious that the stand out piece of this look is the bag! All of the prints are based off of a few of Jennifer’s favorite cities, including Paris (obviously) Silverlake, Soho, and Miami! Her style is so Parisian and effortless, and the bags are clearly a great reflection of that. I think my favorite is the Le Quai De Seine, but check out the other styles and let me know your favorite in the comments below!

And she’s got some exciting news – she’s doing a special Valentine’s day sale! You can get 15% off until February 15th using the promo code: INTHEMOOD4LOVE  at checkout on the e-shop along with FREE US Shipping. Don’t miss out, buy yours here!

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