Shop My Collection For eLUXE

I guess you can kind of add designer to my resume, because my first collection with eLUXE is finally out! I’m a sucker for a good tee, so you can predict my excitement when eLUXE approached me to design my very own. I had tons of ideas, but finally settled on the theme magic. And get this, it came to me in a dream! No joke –– I had mystical ladies dancing through my mind adorned in cape like outerwear, that was so sheer it could have been misconstrued for limp fairy wings, and Stevie Nicks inspired top hats. Needless to say, the dream was rad. read more

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San Fran Eats and Treats

I recently got back from my second trip to San Francisco this year. San Francisco has this magnificent ability to be a city and a suburb at the same time — with great food! Picturesque tree-lined streets dotted with Victorian-style houses in candy color shades give way to breathtaking views of California’s most recognized landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s also got a solid downtown, obligatory Winter-time skating rink included, and a Fisherman’s Wharf that is a seafood lover’s paradise. I could go on, but the point of this article is to tell you a few of my favorite food spots I’ve discovered during my past few trips there. read more

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10 Things I Love About LA

I call myself an LA native, but in reality, I was born in Baltimore, Maryland, and made the coastal move at the youthful age of 5. I grew up in a beautiful bedroom community on the outskirts of Los Angeles called Palos Verdes.

I now reside in the Hollywood Hills. To kick off my travel section, I thought I’d share 10 things I love about the city I call home.

1. Driving down the Esplanade in the South Bay.

My go to way to de-stress is to take a scenic drive. A favorite route of mine is to drive south of the Redondo Beach Pier down the Esplanade, heading towards Palos Verdes at dusk. The way the light catches the Peninsula reminds me why I adore LA, and knowing you’re at the very point where the land meets the sea on the West Coast feels quite humbling and special. read more

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