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I’ve secretly been wanting to try out a newsboy cap for a few years now, while simultaneously kind of hating on them with a burning passion. I’ve seen a few of my friends wearing them here and there (on Instagram, of course) and have had this urge to give them a shot, because when worn correctly, they can actually look pretty rad.

I’m totally subjecting myself to your opinion here – did I pull it off? I actually love it. I decided to pair my newsboy cap — which I purchased on Amazon btw — with a white, airy short sleeve dress, loafer sandal hybrids, and a dainty little choker. I feel like the problem(s — yes, there are many) a lot of people run into with styling newsboy caps are either 1) they look like a conductor  2) they style them too masculine   or 3) they just DGI all together. The worst is seeing a guy rock one of these poorly, sorry boys. And for those of you who don’t know what DGI means… because why would you… it stands for “doesn’t get it.”

Anyway, I’m super happy with how the newsboy cap looks here and I thoroughly encourage you to try one out! Isn’t that what fashion is all about? But perhaps facetime a friend for approval before you walk out of your house haha. Because a newsboy cap gone wrong can be sooo bad!

Tell me what YOU think of the newsboy cap in the comments and buy one for yourself in the gallery below! xx

main white dress newsboy cap choker

medium newsboy cap_3

white dress newsboy hat medium_1



beauty newsboy hat_1

medium white dress newsboy hat_2

beauty newsboy hat choker_1

white dress newsboy hat medium_1

medium newsboy cap _3

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