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Why are neck scarves so chic? Perhaps it’s the Hermes effect. When I think of neck scarves, my mind instantly goes to Devil Wears Prada and¬†Miranda Priestley’s obsession with Hermes scarves. I also have several incredibly fashionable¬†friends that follow the same rule, so there must be something to it… right?

The problem with me is that I admire lots of people’s fashion “isms,” but I always forget to try them out myself. Case in point, my mother endowed me with quite a spectacular collection of neck scarves in varying colors and patterns, but when I’m getting dressed for the day, I always overlook them. This happens to me a lot, partly because I have way too much shit in my closet, which is why I’m doing the #CleanClosetChallenge on YouTube, and also due in part to the fact that I just don’t give myself enough time to get ready in the morning. I’m trying to get better about it.

Since I actually remembered about the neck scarf for this outfit, I really wanted to show it off. You know, because it’s rare that I actually add on a cool accessory (note: I will get better at this!) I decided on a pretty pink, white, and striped scarf that I folded into a small triangle and tied around my neck. To make it pop, I went with all white on top, consisting of a white, silk tee; vest; and sunglasses. I love this whole look together, and it’s really inspired me to style more outfits with scarves. What do you think of the look? Are you loving scarves as much as I do? Let me know below!

Top | AYR

Vest | AYR

Jeans | Paige

Shoes | Converse

Bag | Mulberry

Scarf | Vintage

Sunglasses | Ray Ban

Photos | Elaine Torres

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