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There isn’t another thing on this planet like the Greek Islands. They are gorgeous beyond compare, have some of the most interesting architecture, and unbeatable sunsets. I have been thinking about traveling to Mykonos and Santorini for such a long time, about 20 years now. The Greek Islands have a government protected color palette of white and blue, so naturally, I wanted to sport my best Mykonos blue.

I have had this Rebecca Taylor dress for a long time, like a really long time. And, I’ve never worn it until now! For those of you who don’t know, I interned at Rebecca Taylor for 4 years in college (hear more about my career path here) so, I got a lot of free Rebecca Taylor clothes. Most of them I have gotten rid of by now, but this dress always felt special to me, so I never tossed it even though I still hadn’t worn it. To give you a time frame, I probably got this dress 9 years ago.

The wait was worth it – I couldn’t have planned a more perfect place to wear this dress! It was so breezy and effortless, great for exploring the insane beaches of Mykonos along with the old town, cute cafes, killer Greek coffee, and the charming windmills.

If you find yourself in Mykonos anytime soon, here are a few things I would put on your list! Make sure to go to Elias Beach, and make sure you go in the water! I’m not a huge fan of the ocean (scared of anything / everything in the water) but, it was so worth it to float around in the Aegean Sea. Plus, it’s super salty so great for the skin. Give yourself some time to walk through old town Mykonos. The little narrow streets are begging for an Instagram shot and there are cute cafes all over the place. I bought a beautiful navy bag at Rien, which is a great stop for leather goods!

Now if you like my look, I’ve gathered a few similar dresses for you to shop below. Sadly, this is an oldie but goodie, so exact dress is no longer available.

Dress | Rebecca Taylor

Shoes | Zara

Glasses | Gas Station (seriously)

Necklace | Jennifer Meyer

Bracelet | XIV Karats

Photos | Elizabeth McNamara

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