My Fave New Workout Gear

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I have been doing a ton of Pilates Platinum. I am addicted, and I’m really starting to see results! As someone who only worked out from time to time before, I’m not going to lie my workout wardrobe wasn’t really on point. I’ve been slowly trying to update my workout closet with a mix of classic colors and prints that are interchangeable and cohesive. 

A new go-to brand of mine is Tapout. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, frequent a high intensity workout class like spinning, or are more of the yoga type, Tapout really has something for everyone. I settled on the gray Warrior sports bra ($30) and the Circuit Prestige Capri printed pants ($40.) 

I know the printed legging trend has been around for while, but I still wasn’t sold, at least, for myself. However, I was instantly drawn to this gray printed pair from Tapout. I like how these are still semi-minimal since the pattern consists of gray, white and black… I don’t feel like I’m wearing some crazy lady pattern, which in any other case, I’d be fine with, but at the gym or pilates, I don’t necessarily like drawing extra attention to myself. Did I mention these pants are super comfy? I’m in love! I also adore anything with mesh details and I like how these have the mesh insert in the back of the knee. 

Also, I have exciting news! Use the code: ALLISONTAP20 for 20% off your order until 9/30! Get shopping!













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