Mixing Black + Brown

suede 3

Sometimes, you just want to say suck it to “rules.” This outfit was inspired by one of those moments, when I saw a post online saying that black and brown were the two colors that should never be worn together.

First off, I disagree.

And second, there are way less appealing color combos… green and red? black and yellow? orange and black? Tons.. I actually quite fancy mixing browns and blacks, especially when there are contrasting textures. I always like the way leather and suede look together… must be something about the soft slick surface of the leather contrasted against the rugged suede.

What do you think about wearing brown and black together? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you! xx A

suede 2

suede 5

suede 4

suede 6

suede 7-1

suede 1

Top | Zara    Jacket | Super Dry    Shorts | AYR    Boots | Kenneth Cole    Hat | Urban Outfitters    Bandana | Amazon   Photos | Elaine Torres

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