Look of the Day: Red Trousers and Bright Lipstick!

Need a cool outfit that’s super easy to re-create? Try bold, bright trousers paired with all black. Super simple and chic!

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  1. Hi Allison, first off this is by no means an insult but you are a dead ringer for Lindsay Lohan except for the fact you are a shining example of what she should have become and not whats in the history books. I love your look of the day in this one, but the best look of the day so far still is your “Off Beat Ballet” look from a while ago (also think it’s awesome you use to take ballet). You had this gorgeous girl next door look about you in that video. And your D.I.Y. flats for it were fantastic. The only downside were the oversized bugeyed clown glasses overpowering the shape of your head. Covering up such a beautiful face with those gawdy things should be a crime.

    1. Hi Jim, thanks for reading my blog and watching my videos! I do get the Lohan thing sometimes 🙂 Noted on the large sunglasses, hah!

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