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Life gets a little bit brighter when you decide to live it in color. Sounds simple, I know – but I’ve been challenging myself to have more fun with my closet and the outcome has me noticing more than just brighter skirts and pretty prints in photos. There is something to be said when it comes to your clothes affecting your mood. And in a time when neutral, white drenched photos appear to be the social rage, it’s easy to loose your sartorial personality and perspective.

We are living in a social media era where we feel we need to live our lives in a certain filter. A guideline, if you will, to what might garner more likes on an Instagram post. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “that doesn’t fit with my theme,” or, “I only wear neutrals…” But… Do you really only wear neutrals? Or did you start only wearing neutrals and taking artsy snaps of your coffee because it’s, at the moment, cool? Now believe me, I’ve been right there with you. I’ve tried to keep my Instagram cohesive, using just one shade to cast a homogenous hue across all my photos. But, is that really what your life is like? I thought about this question and came to an easy conclusion — that my life is a LOT more exciting than one filter. Some photos deserve a little more contrast, others express the mood best in black and white. And while these details may seem minute, in our social media hungry world, they are very real decisions. But I want to look back on my ‘gram and remember moments, events, milestones, and outfits … because Instagram is ultimately one giant photo book… right?

Any who, this post isn’t a rant. In fact, it’s a coming of age story on why I’ve started dressing for me again instead of my feed. Sure, I never really conformed to the Instagram style code — I love vintage, and scarves and Grandma shoes — but I did spend time doubting my decisions and, even worse, my style.¬† Anyone else feel restricted by filters or themes? I’d love to hear your story below. ūüôā And on a short little note, I’m wearing one of my absolute favorite color combos, orange and blue. This skirt is beyond amazing and I am pretty stoked it looks OK with my red hair! xx

Skirt | Bless’ed Are the Meek ¬† ¬†Blazer | Zara ¬† ¬†Shoes | Zara ¬† ¬†Glasses | Etnia Barcelona ¬† ¬†Tee | StyleMint ¬† ¬†Bag | Vintage ¬† ¬†Photos | Elaine Torres

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