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The Gucci Spring 2016 runway has to be one of my favorite fashion shows of all time. It reminded me of why I personally fell in love with fashion, and inspired me to re-explore the depths of my own personal style.

These days with the internet and instagram and endless means of inspiration, I actually found myself lacking creativity when it came to getting dressed, because I became so heavily influenced from others around me. With the upsurge of athleisure, minimalism, and normcore, I found myself dulling down my attire with hopes of achieving a seamless Instagram feed comprised of the perfect balance of white, gray, black and cactus. To be frank, that just isn’t me. What I love about fashion is the story behind things. I’ve always been the first to grab my mom’s vintage clothing, and could spend a day thrifting at the Rose Bowl. And it goes beyond clothing –  I love reading memoirs and semi-biographical fiction stories about people like Coco Chanel and Kurt Cobain, and learning more about other people’s stories. Things that have character and a story have always spoken louder to me.

Gucci’s Spring show was all of this and more – a magpie’s heaven filled with everything from bespoke brooches to patterns fit for a Mary Poppin fabric tote. And, it reminded me why I love getting dressed in the morning. Now, that was a really long way of getting to this outfit. But an important one, because this runway has helped remind me of my sartorial roots.

For this outfit, I started off with a silk blue and green pinstripe top, unbuttoned enough to showcase a navy bandana neck tie. The gray coat is new in my rotation, and has found it’s way into many outfits as of late. I weaved in vintage with navy and white saddle shoes and a polka dot handbag, both of which used to belong to my mom. The key when mixing prints (in this case: bandana, dots and saddle shoes) is having a color that connects, like navy. I really love how the whole look effortlessly pulls together. And I adore it even more because it’s a proper representation of what I love: new meets old. Also, can’t forget this gorgeous rose gold and marble ring by Coco Q!

In the event that you too want to shop this outfit, I’ve out together similar items in the shopping gallery below! What do you think of this whole look? Would you wear it? I’d love to hear from you!

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