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Kimono Festival Season - 2016 -4

You guys – it’s almost Coachella! Here is what I wore last year to the festival,  I also put a few of my favorite things together over on OPI’s blog. Right now, I’m on a kimono kick. I love being enveloped in embellished, embroidered wraps all spring, and I think Coachella is the place to rock a really cool piece. 

Believe it or not, I snagged this awesome kimono at H&M. I love the way it pairs with high waisted Levi’s and a simple bra top. I will being wearing this outfit at Coachella, and beyond!

Are you going to the festival? Let me know in the comments! I’ve been 10 times… omg. Love you!

Kimono Festival Season 2016 - 1

Kimono Festival Season 2016 - 3

kimono festial 9

kimono festival season 8

Kimono Festival Season 5

Kimono festival season 6

Kimono Festival season 7

Kimono Festival Season 2016 - 2

Kimono | H&M    Jeans | Levi’s    Bralette | Urban Outfitters   Glasses | Illesteva

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  1. Antoine De Paris(22 cze 19:35) Czy McLaren nie pokazal nic nowego, to sie okaze po kwali. Jezeli trend z piatku sie utrzyma, to dla mnie oni wykonaja najwieksza robote, w wiadomym kotecksnie.

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