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The other day, Kiehl’s invited me to their Santa Monica store to experience their new Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations–a new line of oils that is custom created for your skin type! As a devout face oil user, and a lover of anything custom, I was very excited for this experience.

It started off with a hydration test, which is used to see just how hydrated the skin is. I thought I would pass this test with flying colors, due to the amount of moisturizer and oil I put on my face each day and night, and the amount of water I drink each day. However, I was shocked that my skin ranked in the 33 percentile. Not good. I had just gotten off a flight from Dallas, where I was at the Sally Beauty influencer summit, so the skin expert helping me out blamed part of my low score on my frequent flights. The part that was interesting was that even though I am putting lots of products on my face and drinking tons of water, my dermis might not be retaining it. Scary!

For the actual oil formulation, Gina from Kiehl’s and I examined my skin, where we ranked my face on 4 qualities– wrinkles, sun spots, redness, and texture. The areas I am most concerned with are definitely wrinkles and sun spots, so I received the carrier oil with two tubes of treatment, one for each issue. The cool part is this apothecary experience is part DIY–you get sent home with a bottle of oil with a custom label with your name on it, and two treatment tubes that you have to squeeze into the carrier oil when you get home. My oil can only be used at night, and so far I am really loving the results!

Check and see if you have a Kiehl’s near you and definitely book a free consultation for your own, personalized face serum oil today!

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