Inside My Home Office

Inside my Home Office Makeover

I’ve been working for myself for over two and half years now and I wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve talked a few times on here about the pros and cons of being your own boss. One of the major things that oscillates between being a pro and a con for me is not going into an office everyday. At first, it was awesome! After eight years of heading into an office daily, I welcomed my new found freedom of managing my own schedule. But overtime, I started missing the daily interactions with coworkers and having a defined space to work. The answer? An inspired space with the right home office decor.

Since launching MARA earlier this year, I knew I had to get serious about creating an inspiring space in my home where I could really focus. I wear many hats, so my office had to be clean, inspired and functional. I completely tore apart our ho hum of an office and filled it with simple white furniture, a book shelf to house all of my favorite reads, and a gallery wall to keep me inspired. The space is small but makes me happy and allows me to focus. We will be getting a MARA office soon, but for now this little space is doing just fine. I’ve linked to the pieces that are still available online if you want to shop!

Allison McNamara MARA Home Office

Allison McNamara MARA Home Office

Allison McNamara MARA Home Office

Allison McNamara MARA Home Office

Desk | IKEA

Gold Lamp | IKEA

Bookshelf: IKEA (I use these in my closet too!)

Artwork Clockwise:

Doors painting from Dubai; custom painting from NKSPics; Ocean print from Society6; Abstract print from Society6; original Moroccan paintings by Mortasi; Agate print by Society6; Cactus painting by Society 6 (similar options here) ; Gold “X” painting from Hobby Lobby; Rattan Round Mirror from Urban Outfitters.


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