7 Unique Ways to Stay Motivated

How to Stay motivated

brixton hat on red head allison mcnamara fashion blogger wearing white lace top and mustard skirt How to Stay Motivated Tips on Staying Motivated brixton hat on red head allison mcnamara fashion blogger wearing white lace top and mustard skirt brixton hat on red head allison mcnamara fashion blogger wearing white lace top and mustard skirt brixton hat on red head allison mcnamara fashion blogger wearing white lace top and mustard skirt brixton hat on red head allison mcnamara fashion blogger wearing white lace top and mustard skirt

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I’ve been trying something new on my blog. Instead of just posting about fashion and beauty, I have  started to write about things that might actually help you physically and / or emotionally. I believe that happiness is something that doesn’t necessarily come to us–it’s something that we have to work on just like anything else. For me, my happiness levels are almost directly tied to my level of motivation. I thrive in really busy environments; when I’m on fire, it’s hard to put me out! But with the ebbs and flows of my job, I’m not always insanely busy, and the less busy I get the less motivated I become which then makes me less happy. So, I’ve rounded up what keeps me motivated and feeling my best self!

Escape to Nature

Sometimes we have to get lost in order to find exactly what we are looking for. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration–so while it might seem counterintuitive to shut off your phone and escape to the great outdoors for a few minutes or even a few hours, it can be the very thing that reinvigorates your mind and spirit. Whether it’s as simple as going on a phone-free hike, taking in a gorgeous sunset, a trip to the beach, even a walk around the neighborhood–being in nature without the world at my finger tips is how I keep myself on track and motivated. I always come up with the best ideas in these moments of serenity and solitude. I try to do something out doors every single day, it’s my sweet escape.

Create Daily, Achievable To-Do Lists

I love making to-do lists. I seriously make them every single day! And I love crossing things off even more 🙂 But over the years I’ve learned that it’s more effective to limit your to-do list to four to five things that you are actually able to achieve that day. Sure, we all have a million things that need to get done, but by limiting yourself to the most imperative tasks ensures you get them done. Many people busy themselves with less important tasks on their to-do lists and then get stressed out when the end of the day comes and they haven’t done the one thing they really needed to do.


Manifesting has become buzzier than ever, but there is some legitimacy behind it. I’m talking about intense manifestation–it’s one thing to have the dream, but it’s another to see it, feel it, and visualize it. I honestly think I got my start in hosting thanks to major manifestation. I was selected out of hundreds of women for an on-camera and producer position at POPSUGAR at the age of 23. Right out of college I landed a job I *literally* only dreamed of. Every night  for the past few years before, I would picture myself hosting and soon enough, it happened. Funny enough my interests have shifted and I don’t find the same joy in hosting anymore–but I’ve been majorly manifesting my new career path–founder of Mara Beauty which is coming soon!

Start Your Day Slowly

In my early twenties I was guilty of snoozing a million times and waking up at the very last moment before I had to leave the house for work. Between washing my face, choosing an outfit and getting out the door my mornings were always a blur, and that’s really a terrible way to start your day! The first hour of your morning sets your entire tone for the rest of the day. So if it’s a total mess, then there is a good chance you’re going to have a hard time staying focused and on track. Sure, waking up earlier isn’t fun at first, but I’ve fallen in love with my slower mornings. I wake up, drink my water with lemon and ACV, do a short meditation and focus on my affirmations as I brew a nice pot of coffee. I’ve noticed that slower mornings have had a direct impact on my productivity. A good read is The Miracle Morning. 

Don’t Compare Your Behind-the-Scenes to Someone Else’s Highlight Reel

Yes, this is a famous quote by Steven Furtick, but it’s an important one to keep in mind in our current age of social media. I myself am so guilty of this sometimes! It’s easy to get discouraged, especially if you’re at home working in sweats and haven’t put on a real outfit and it’s already 3pm (people who work from home or for themselves I’m sure can relate!) then you take a scroll through Instagram and see tons of fabulousness–people vacationing all over the world, on fancy brand getaways, or partnering with a major store that you’d die to work with. I always remind myself that very few people post in real time and there is a good chance they’re sitting at home in sweats looking just as unglamorous as myself. It’s also important to remember that there is enough work to go around and that your moment will come!

Strategize, But Be Flexible

Having a strategy is integral to the success of any business, but having the ability to be nimble is what sets it apart. Being able to be flexible is wildly important. Whether it’s an addition of a new social media platform (lord help us all) or a business partner turns out to be the wrong fit, it’s how you react in those moments that allows you to rise to the top. Instead of worrying about change, be the person who welcomes it with open arms.

Keep Learning

I’ve always been in love with knowledge. I won “most inquisitive” in the fifth grade mainly because I ask so many god damn questions all the time. I’ve always been a bit of an overachiever too–I took six years of science in high school, spending two summers taking Bio Honors and Chem Honors so I could take Bio 2 AP, Marine Biology AP, and Physics AP. I also took five years of history, adding European History AP, American History AP, and Economics AP. In college, why have one major when you can have two? I double majored at USC in Political Science and Journalism and minored in Marketing. The point is I’ve always loved the process of learning, whether it’s a subject, a new language, or about other people. And I find that I get unmotivated when I’m in a lull of learning, so my solution is to pick out a new book or try a new hobby. I’ve got my heart set on learning how to play an instrument right now 🙂


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