How I Deal With Stress

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We move at such a fast pace with everything at the touch of our finger tips that it’s hard not to get stressed out these days. I’ve always thought I handled stress well–I’m a good multi-tasker and perform well under pressure–so I never really considered myself a stressed out person. That is, until a few weeks ago.

I had my first panic attack (which was disguised as a heart attack making matters worse) while on my plane to NYC for New York Fashion Week. I can’t pinpoint one thing that sent me into overdrive, but I can only guess it was a compilation of the operations of MARA, the looming launch of my second product, managing the development of 2019 products and managing all of the other clients I still work with. This panic attack, which started out with me having a hard time catching my breath and magnified to dizziness and numbness in my limbs (which I think were symptoms just in my mind TBH but at the time it felt v v real and terrifying none the less) was really scary. I proceeded to take long deep breaths for the remainder of my flight even though I desperatly wanted to tell the flight attendants I felt like I was dying. This experience caused me to self evaluate and start incorporating the things that help keep me calm back into my routine, which I admittingly had paused due to time constraints. It just goes to show that it’s even more important to make time for yourself when you’re super busy to keep your mind and body calm. Below, my tips on how to deal with stress on a daily basis so you don’t end up like me gasping for air at 30,000 feet.

Exercise regularly

Exercise is a great way to burn off excess antsy energy. It’s important to not skip out on cardio either, so try and incorporate something like cycling or jogging into your weekly repertoire.


I’ve talked a lot about meditating on my blog and honestly swear by it. I had stopped meditating about six months ago and I honestly think it’s the reason why I had my little episode. Spending just five minutes alone inside your head is so important, and meditating is also how I was able to calm myself down mid flight instead of panicking more.

Gratitude Journal

A big reason why we get overwhelmed is because we feel like we have so much to do and so much to accomplish. Social media makes it feel like everyone is doing 10000 things at the same time and therefore puts pressure on us to follow suit. Writing down three things that you’re grateful for each day is a nice reminder of all of the blessings that we do have and all of the fabulous stuff you’re achieving each and everyday.

Take a Walk

A good walk around the neighborhood does something for the soul and is so underrated. Whenever I’m in a creative rut or feeling overwhelmed or antsy, I grab my dog and go for a nice walk around my neighborhood sans cell phone. It’s nice to be alone with just your thoughts and no technology in site for 10-15 minutes. And, watching my dog explore and sniff every little flower and crevice is a pleasant reminder of how much there is to explore in this world, even in our own backyards.

Get More Sleep

The first thing I did after my panic attack was head straight to my hotel, ordered By Chloe on postmates and then went to bed. Stress is a disease and you need to let your body heal in order for it to go away, and there’s no better way to rid yourself of it than sleep! If stress is keeping you up at night, I recommend of the Dossist Sleep pen or Olly sleeping gummies.

Read a Book

Immersing yourself in someone else’s story is a good way to escape from your own issues at hand. Now I’m not saying to ignore your feelings altogether, but diving into a good read is a great form of escapism that can soothe stressed out minds. I read Crazy Rich Asians during my panic attack and it really perked up my mood and I noticed that when I was deep in reading that my breathing normalized on its own.

Stress happens to the best of us but it’s important to stay calm because stress is one of the reasons people get heart attacks and cancers! I hope this helped! xx Allison

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