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Daily Vitamins Powders and ProBiotics

I have gotten so many questions on daily vitamins, supplements and powder boosters so I decided to write a detailed post about all of my favorite health supplements and brands. I’ll admit, I didn’t start taking vitamins until a few years ago. Truthfully, I thought they were a farce.

What’s ironic is that the vitamin industry has undergone a huge reniassance in the last few years and I’m not going to say that I was right for not initially believing in the importance of vitamins, but I was slightly atune to the fact that the vitamins that were available to us weren’t necessarily good for us. Vitamin brands that were readily accessible to us were packed with things our bodies really didn’t need. But luckily there are a slew of new amazing brands that have done some incredible research and have fine tuned the nutrients our bodies (especially women) crave.

Daily vitamins supplements and probiotics

Daily Vitamins

There are two brands of vitamins I really really like–Rainbow Light and Ritual. Rainbow Light is my OG and is a more robust vitamin and mineral supplement while the latter is finely targeted to the things our bodies lack. Right now, I’m on a Ritual kick and take them twice a day. There are only nine ingredients including Vitamin B3, D3, E and K12, Magnesium, Boron, Iron, Magnesium, Folate and Omega 3. I also love the branding and that they were created by a female who knew something was whack with the vitamins on the market.


In addition to my more traditional pill supplements, I do take gummies daily for hair and skin. There are two brands I swear by here–Olly and HUM. I love both equally so it’s really hard to pick a favorite. Right now, I’m taking HUM Hair Sweet Hair gummies and the Glow gummies. The hair is loaded with Biotin, Folate, and Vitamin B12. I really like the Glow skin gummies too because they have all of the ingredients I use in my morning skincare routine–Vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic Acid.

When I’m on an Olly kick, I like their Beauty gummies, Vibrant Skin (with marine collagen for super plump skin) Hello Sunshine and Stress, because lately I’ve been stressed AF. I do take the Olly Sleep gummies on occasion, but I did notice that I started feeling a little groggy in the morning so I haven’t had them in a week or so.

Overall, I do notice a difference in my hair when I take the hair gummies. I don’t notice a huge difference with my skin but honestly I treat my vitamin gummies as dessert sometimes (but only eating the outlined amount, 2)–I figure it’s better than breaking into a box of Haribo.

Daily Vitamins, Supplements and Probiotics

Daily Vitamins, Probiotics and Supplements


I’m such a smoothie type of person. I love buying them and making them, but have been trying to make them more often since I work from home. I live for anything from Moon Juice and their Vanilla Mushroom Adaptogenic Protein is wonderful–it’s filled with ashwaganda, cordyceps and reishi (three things I swear by to help control stress and maintain energy) in addition to ketogenic, brown fermented rice protein. I put a scoop of this in my smoothies on the reg!

I also love Chaga aka a “supershroom.” It’s high in antioxidants and beta-glucans which helps balance energy and stimulates the immune system. It’s also supposed to help with fatigue and mental sharpness–bonus! I mix this in with my coffee usually or add to a smoothie. More on my love for adaptogens here.

I just started using HUM Nutrition’s RAW Beauty Green Superfood Powder too. This one helps boost energy + metabolism and gives you radiant skin. The ingredients are what got me tho, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina, ginseng, goji and moringa! There’s also a blend of daily probiotics in there too which is nice. I don’t use this everyday but I’m getting more and more into it.


Probiotics gross me out but are soooo important! I like Garden of Life RAW Probiotics for women. They say to take three a day but I average about two. I highly recommend these! I also sneak in a Healthaide Kombucha on occasion but try and keep that to a minimum because of all of the sugar.

Trying to be healthier? HERE are five ways I like to incorporate wellness daily. 








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