Glamping at El Capitan Canyon

El Capitan Canyon Cabin - 2

El Capitan Canyon - Cabin

el capitan inside cabin

el capitan canyon cabin-4

el capitan canyon - tent

el capitan canyon- tent 2

el capitan canyon yurt

el capitan bridge

bill wallace trail el capitan canyon

bill wallace 2


el capitan state beach

tent pic 2

I have always wanted to try “glamping,” and no, I’m not kidding. Believe it or not, I’m quite the nature lover — I grew up going to Outdoor Education camp in middle school, where we did everything from kayaking and pitching tents down the Colorado River, to night snorkeling off of Catalina Island to see bioluminescent plankton. In fact, science, specifically biology, was always my favorite subject growing up, and today, I’m always down to explore new hikes around LA or do something fun and outdoorsy.

I first saw glamping at El Capitan Canyon on the Real Housewives, and knew I had to try it out! On a whim trip to Santa Barbara a few weeks ago, Cassondra and I decided we were going to go for my birthday, and I am SO glad we did! I’ve had tons of people ask me about my trip since I returned, so I figured I should put together a blog post of all the things we did. It was truly magical, and I cannot wait to go back!


We arrived around 5:30pm. We took our time heading up the coast, stopping in Venture County for delicious tacos at XX (get the shrimp!) and at Gelsons to pick up last minute snacks. The first night, we unloaded our cars and decided to cook on an open fire. We brought a bbq, but it didn’t have instructions so we cooked on the racks provided over the campfire, and they worked just fine! We brought chicken and veggies for dinner, but the Canyon Market also has these awesome bbq kits that are totally price friendly! We also brought TONS of booze, but in case you forget or run dry, the market also sells beer and wine, and for cheap! Beer was literally $2.50. Also, don’t waste your money on the s’mores kit, bring your own crackers and chocolate.


We started off with breakfast down at the Canyon market. The coffee here was SO incredibly good. They had these cute mugs for sale that allowed you to get free refills during your stay, so we did that. Afterwards, we hiked the Bill Wallace trail (the longest and most rigorous trail on the property,) and it was honestly such a sweet surprise, my favorite part of the whole trip! It had rained the night before so it was incredibly muddy walking up the first part of the hike – it’s also a bit of an incline, so I wouldn’t suggest this for anyone who can’t handle walking 20-30 minutes up hill. However, the payoff is so worth it! After the incline, the trail flattens out and you get to walk along the most gorgeous green and mustard-seed hills, with a view that opens up to the ocean. The whole hike took about an hour. After that, we ate lunch at the market, and then proceeded to walk the Llama Trail to the llama farm. This was another huge highlight! The walk is short, and you get to walk with ocean views next to the organic farm. Not going to like, their aren’t many llamas – in fact, it’s actually a goat farm, they were so funny!

Afterwards, we headed back to camp for a little siesta. Then, we packed up the car and drove 5 minutes down to the beach (we could have walked, but we brought food and wine and it was drizzling,) to have wine and cheese and watch the sunset. We saw tons of dolphins, it was magical! 

We ended up being too lazy to bbq the second night, so we relied on our good old trusty Canyon market and ordered pizzas. We had a yurt, and our other friends had a cabin. Our yurt had way more floor space / open space in general, so everyone came to our yurt and we played Cards Against Humanity.


We had the same breakfast drill: Canyon market noms and coffee. We got on the road early, packing up camp and heading out before 11am. We headed to Solvang, the Danish capital of America, where we enjoyed some champagne and indulged in sweet danishes. After that, we headed to downtown SB for mexican food at Super Rica! All in all, it was an awesome trip and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a nature-filled, weekend getaway (without the hassle 😉

I hope this helped! Also, I put together a shopping gallery so you can shop similar outfits. xx


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