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Today’s story is dedicated to the summer-iest of patterns: gingham! Frequently used for picnic table cloths, napkins and plates, and therefore, undeniably linked to bbqs, summertime celebrations and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz… gingham can actually be quite chic. In fact, it continues to make it’s way onto the runways year after year for warmer months, and this year was no exception. 

Personally, I’ve always been fond of a check, in just about any form. And I don’t discriminate, I like gingham checks just as much as a winter time plaid. Right now, I’m wearing gingham by way of some super preppy, cropped trousers. A decade or so ago, you may have even called these guys petal pushers! LOL! To keep the look relevant, I decided to go with another off-the-shoulder top. This one just might be my favorite in rotation because it’s oversized and comfortable, and you can shop the exact one I am wearing below!

I wanted to do a little history lesson on gingham. It is said that the gingham pattern dates back to Brittany, France somewhere in the late 16th early 17th century. But really, gingham gained traction by the MODs in the 1960s, and is now associated today with brands like Ben Sherman and Fred Perry.  However, we can really thank Bridget Bardot for gingham’s quick rise to fame, thanks to her pink and white gingham get-up she wore on her wedding day. Her wedding day! This created so much hype, she caused a shortage of gingham in France (gasp.) 

Anyway, wearing gingham makes me feel fun and fresh, and perhaps thats the reason Bridget chose the pattern for her big day. I’d start out slow with a pair of pants like I did, and I’ve put a few options below! xx

Top | H&M    Pants | Banana Republic    Shoes | Soludos    Bag | Rien   Photos | Elaine Torres

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  1. I gave you a gingham black checked dress…I bought it on the Cape with Grammy…Please try it this year…I loved the dress…and wore it last in 2001…

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