Gift Guide: Rose Beauty Products

If you know anything about me, you know that I have a penchant for anything rose scented. I am very public about my love affair with rose water, and use it multiple times a day to keep my skin refreshed and hydrated. And, even though I am white and incredibly pale, I too strive for the J.Lo glow. ¬†And… because I don’t have darker skin that illuminates easily with highlighter, I have to rely on good ‘ol H20 and a religious skin care regime.

I collect rose scented things wherever I go. I came home from Greece this summer with some local rose oil, just picked up some solid rose perfume in Thailand, and purchased a roll-on rose scent in New Orleans a few months back. However, as much as I love these items I’ve found around the world, they are not the easiest to order for your rose-loving friend or relative.

Sooo, I decided to round up my favorite rose scented, and rose-colored beauty products. These all have my stamp of approval — I hope you find something for someone on your list, and perhaps even a little something for yourself. I’ve included my quick product reviews below too! xx

1. Essie Penny Talk, $8.50

This is my go-to color! I’ve seen it on a range of skin tones, and it looks unique and flattering on everyone. If they had this in a gel color, I would literally have it on 24/7.

2. Le Labo Rose Perfume Oil, $130

Le Labo is the scent God, and I am all about an oil. It stays on so much longer, and it’s easy to carry around in case you need a refresher.

3. Diptique Rose Oval, $45

I like taking my rose obsession a scent further by putting these rose scented ovals in my closet and lingerie drawers. A great gift that’s a tad more creative then a candle.

4. Mario Badescu Rose Water, $7

I have at least one bottle of this on me at any given time during the day. This is my secret skin weapon and it keeps me young, I swear! The perfect stocking stuffer for any age – I’ve even gotten my Dad to use this stuff!

5. Michael Kors Rose Gold Roll On Perfume, $22.50

Clearly, I have a thing for roll on scents. This is a more budget friendly option that still smells fantastic, and the bottle looks nice on a vanity.

6. Rosebud Perfume Co, $7

I discovered this lip balm in a tin when I went to my first Urban Outfitters store in Santa Monica in high school. I actually think this product is where my rose obsession started, and to this day, I still always have a tin by my nightstand.

7. Gypsy Rose Oil, $25

Keeping in line with my affinity for rose oil, this one by Gypsy Rose is ideal for nourishing your skin and hair! Rose oil > coconut oil, it doesn’t leave you nearly as sticky.

8. Yves Saint Laurent Le Nu, $36

The prettiest neutral blush shade for every skin tone.

9. Dior Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumpling Lip Balm, $28

Sometimes you need a little lip plump, and this Dior balm does just the trick.

10. Poppy Austin Rose Water Facial Toner, $20

Get your face squeaky clean with this yummy scented toner that’s ideal for sensitive skin.

11. GVP Pro Rose Gold Glitter Hair Dryer, $40

For the girl who cares just as much about her makeup as she does her vanity!

12. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Tint, $22

More than a balm but less than a lipstick, this Fresh Sugar lip tint gives your the perfect rosy pout.

13. Fresh Rose Face Mask, $62

This product is pure heaven, end of story. If you or someone you love likes an at-home face mask, this is for you!

14. Nars All About Eve, $35

A subtle rose gold eye is equal parts sexy and sweet.

15. Bbrowbar Pure Rose Water Gel, $42

Made with rose water gel, cucumber, plum seed oil and aloe vera, this gel is sure to revitalize your skin and restore it from traveling, dehydration, and sun exposer.

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