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Tucked away off of Beachwood Canyon on a tiny street, Ledgewood Drive, is a beautiful mosaic-filled sanctuary called Garden of Oz. I found this place one night on pinterest and knew I had to shoot it for my blog. My photographer, Elaine Torres, was equally eager to see it, however, once we got there, we were disappointed to find out that you couldn’t take photos inside the garden.

We did take a few photos outside the Garden of Oz, but if you are in LA, you really should see it. It’s only open to the public 2 hours a week, from 10am – 12pm Thursdays. Elaine and I took a break from shooting for a tour of the space and what we saw behind the yellow gates was truly magical. It’s crazy to me that the owner doesn’t allow photographs… it took 20 years to construct! It’s basically a folk art museum for children, with tile-lined nooks and crannies that adults and children alike would be eager to explore.

I’ve been trying to wear items in my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile. My mom gave me a bunch of her clothes awhile back, one of my favorites (besides the vast collection of neck scarves) is this polka dot, denim skirt and I it’s exactly what I would want to wear to a magical garden. I kept it classic on top with an easy white tee and my trusty boater hat (still haven’t gotten the hair did!) but… the party is on theĀ feet today. I just got these black lace-up beauties and I am so excited to share them with you. I think I’m going to do a full post on lace-up shoes because I cannot get enough of them right now!

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s post and if you are in LA or visiting, try and see the Garden of Oz. You will not be disappointed!

Skirt | Vintage from Talbots

Tee | Velvet


Hat | Urban Outfitters

Bag | Mulberry

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