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As I mentioned in this post a month or so ago, I have been on a quest to get fit. I’ve always been the type to workout–I thoroughly enjoy exercise classes, dancing, and hiking. However, over the years, I started noticing more and more flab and less toning, despite my regular barre classes and Runyon Canyon visits. 

It’s said that “nothing changes, if nothing changes.” So, I set out to change my routine try pilates. I had heard amazing things about Pilates Platinum and decided to really give it a go. I won’t lie, it’s freaking hard. And, it doesn’t get easier, but I love it. Why? Because as you get stronger, you’re able to dig into each move and muscle more. And the funny part is, moves that I thought were “easier” when I started I’m actually now finding challenging, because I now have the strength to do them correctly. Shout out to my fave instructor at the Hollywood Pilates Platinum, Ricky Rebel!

Anyways, this post is actually about my outfit. As I’ve progressed in my pilates fitness journey, I’ve had this urge to up my workout wardrobe. I take classes early in the morning so I have the rest of my day to blog, create content, host and produce videos for Refinery29 and Racked, and run my business. Since I’m getting up early, I don’t have a lot (if any) time to stand there and style a workout outfit–I need a grab and go kinda look. 

Enter: Threads for Thought–a conscious fitness brand that cares about the environment. Did you know that fashion is the third dirtiest industry on the planet. Threads for Thought has set out to change that by designing and producing sustainable fashion that helps improve the planet.  I’m wearing the Leela Leggings ($60) and the Annalee bra ($45) which you can, and should, shop now! And, use my PROMO CODE: ALLISONM30 to get 30% off site wide until 10/21!

Oh, and it gets better. Threads for Thought has a CONTEST going on right now where you can win $500 shopping spree! Click right here to enter the Threads for Thought shopping spree.

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