Go Buy Now–’90s Logo Tees!

Logo tees paired with blazer and high waist jeans

Calvin Klein logo tees and black blazer

Calvin Klein logo tees and red hair

Calvin Klein logo tees and high waisted jeans street style

All black Calvin Klein logo tees with black blazer and scarf belt

Calvin Klein Logo Tees and silk scarf belt


Bet you didn’t think logo tees were going to come back again did ya? Watch out–Juicy sweats might be next.

Nothing beats a cozy tee and jeans look–but sometimes, I spruce up the basics with, dare I say, a logo tee? I picked up this Calvin Klein logo tee at the Cabezon outlets a few months ago, and I want to buy more because the cotton is so soft and the fit is really good. And yes, logo tees are cool again thanks to Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid. Personally, I’m kind of digging them too. 

As I was looking through my posts from last year, it was clear that I was having a complete scarf moment. From bandanas, to silk squares, to long patterned pieces–it seemed that a no outfit was finished without one tied, draped, or knotted around my neck. I’m still obsessed with scarves, and my collection keeps growing, but I decided to challenge myself to wear these pretty things in new ways. Enter: the scarf belt! I love how it defines my waist and adds in a little bit of color. This scarf was actually a gift from this online store that I love to shop at. Shop the cute gallery, full of logo tees, below!

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