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So… I went for it! This is my (hopefully chic) take on Britney and Justin circa the 2001 American Music Awards, only – less embarrassing and more wearable. I’ve never worn 3 pieces of denim together and I figured I’d test it out. (Note: I originally had on a black leather moto on, but then was like f**k it I’m wearing the denim jacket too.)

The most important thing when you’re mixing denims is the color story. All the different pieces need to flow together. The jacket and jeans are in similar washes, creating a modern Canadian tuxedo if you will, and the darker chambray provides a subtle amount of contrast. I don’t typically like super jarring denim combos, a small color change is just enough to add intrigue.

I told you guys a few posts ago that I have this new knack for layering thin turtlenecks underneath everything right now. I decided to take that concept and tie a scarf around my neck and allow it to peek out ever-so-slightly from my chambray, creating the illusion of a turtleneck.

Can we talk about my new shoes for a second? Haven’t taken these bad gals off. They are everything I love in a shoe: a low chunky heel, strappy, pointy, a little granny… I saw them and I was instantly in love! You can shop these same shoes below, they’re only $80! In fact, you can shop this EXACT look in the shopping gallery!

FYI: I did a tutorial on how I did my makeup for this blog shoot on my youtube page – you should go check it out!

Let me know what you think of the denim + denim + denim… would you wear the look? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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