First of all, please excuse my messy closet! Over the next month, I am going to get rid of one piece of clothing every day in attempt to get my closet “back to basics.” I’m calling it, the #cleanclosetchallenge and I’d love for you to do it with me! Each day I’m going to put a short video up on my youtube channel showing you the piece I’m getting rid of and why.

Parting with clothes is actually really hard for me – unnecessarily hard. I’ve done several closet purges over the years, including a pretty big one when I moved last year, but it still wasn’t enough. And I’ve noticed in the past when I do big “clean outs,” I never get rid of enough. Which is why I’m doing it slowly this time. I’m really going to think about each piece I purge.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate the simpler things in life. And that same theory I’m trying to apply to my wardrobe. It’s not quantity, it’s quality. And it’s not about trends, it’s about timelessness. Sadly, this is actually harder to achieve then one might realize, because of all the readily available fast fashion these days.

Another thing that comes with purging is rebuilding. I have been a fashion host / editor / reporter for over 5 years, doling out advice over on POPSUGAR, among others. But funny enough – I don’t always listen to my own advice! We always say “invest in quality classics,” but I have definitely been guilty of going to H&M or Zara and spending $300+ on trendy items I don’t need, instead of buying the black pointy Alexander Wang shoes I’ve had my eye on that I actually DO need and WILL wear for years.

Apart of my #cleanclosetchallenge is identifying what should stay, what should go, and what I should get. I’ve made a preliminary checklist of items I need to buy, and will treat myself two weeks into the purge challenge to one of the items (counting on the fact that I don’t suffer a mental break down before that.)

Are you with me?? Let’s start this #cleanclosetchallenge tomorrow, July 1st! Look for a new video then.

In the mean time, peruse my #CleanClosetChallenge perks below!

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