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Allison McNamara Clean Beauty Products Credo Beauty

By now you probably know that I have my own clean skincare line MARA that is sold at my favorite natural beauty store Credo Beauty. I am so grateful for our partnership and they have been the most wonderful retailer to be at, and it doesn’t hurt that they also happen to have the very best products to boot. When I was putting together the inspiration for my line and visualizing where I wanted my products to be sold at, Credo was always at the top of my list because it has such a beautiful curation of the best in natural beauty. And as a nontoxic, natural brand founder, I wanted MARA to be in the company of all the wonderful brands Credo has to offer. I love popping into my local Credo on 3rd Street here in Los Angeles to pursue the aisles for new clean beauty finds because I know that when I purchase something there, it’s been vetted by the best of the best and is completely clean. Credo has a strict list of Dirty Ingredients that they don’t allow–not even in trace amounts–which is so important because our skin absorbs 60% of everything we put on it. Since I’ve had the chance to try and use so many natural beauty products, I want to share my top 11 favorite clean beauty buys from Credo Beauty.

1. Vapour AER Deodorant in Palo Santo Blood Orange: $24

If you’re still on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually works, you have to try this one from Vapour. Over the past three years I have tried SO MANY natural deodorants that didn’t work. There have been so many moments where I seriously wanted / needed to go home and change because my deodorant wasn’t working. I had sort of given up until I found this one from Vapour. I’m on my third bottle and it keeps me fresh all day long. I’m obsessed with the scent too–a warm mix of blood orange and palo santo.

Vapour AER Deodorant Natural Deodorant Credo beauty

(via Credo)

2. RMS “Un” Cover-Up: $36

The very best concealer there ever was. I have been swearing by RMS concealer for several years now. I don’t wear much foundation but I am an avid concealer connoisseur and RMS has such a natural, dewy finish that makes me look and feel like I’m not wearing any makeup. It’s super hydrating and never leaves me dry or flakey and I find that it doesn’t sit in my creases either. I wear a mix between 000 and 00. I am also a huge fan of RMS Living Luminizer and RMS Buriti Bronzer too!

RMS un cover-up concealer natural beauty credo beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

3. MARA Algae + Moringa Universal Face Oil: $72

Sure, I’m biased. But I’ve also used a ton of face oils and I’ve never been so attached to one before in my life! I’ve been using MARA for two years now and I’m still not sick of it. What I love about MARA is how quickly the power-packed formula sinks into the skin. A mix of algae, plankton and moringa–this oil is loaded with vitamins A, B, C, D & E plus all essential proteins and minerals for bouncy, glowing skin and my complexion drinks it up. I use it morning and night as the last step (and on lazy days, only step) in my skincare routine.

MARA Universal Face Oil Natural Beauty Credo beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

4. One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover: $42

Face wash can be a tough one for me, I am so so picky! But I fell in love with this fruity smelling enzyme cleanser from One Love Organics. It smells like pineapple and has a light exfoliating effect so it sloughs away dead skin cells and removes impurities as well as makeup and grime. Sometimes I’ll let the oil sit on my skin for a few minutes for a light peel too.

One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil

(via Credo Beauty)

5. Marie Veronique Vitamin C, E + Ferulic Acid Serum: $90

Vitamin C is one of my favorite morning ingredients for the skin, and I love applying this Marie Veronique Vitamin C serum right after washing my face. This formula instantly brightens my complexion and also delivers sun protection to boost sunscreen. I follow with my MARA Universal Face Oil and then SPF.

Marie Veronique Vitamin C Serum Natural Beauty Credo Beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

6. Goop “The Martini” Emotional Detox Bath Soak: $35

I take my baths very seriously. I loooove bathing and I’ve been really into bath salts and soaks recently. This one from Goop is so relaxing and is the perfect way to wind down and de-stress after a crazy day. This scent is wonderful, a blend of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salt, Chia seed oil, Passion flower, and Valerian root.

Goop The Martino Emotional Detox Bath Soak Natural Beauty Credo beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

7. Kosas Lipstick in Thrillest: $28

Hands down one of the best red lipsticks in my arsenal, and honestly one of the only clean beauty ones that I own. Kosas makes such pretty makeup and I can’t wait to start swapping out more of my non-clean beauty lippies for hers!

Kosas Lipstick Natural Beauty Clean Beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

8. Ilia Beauty Multi Stick in All of Me: $34

I love this Ilia multi-stick when I’m in a rush, which is basically everyday. I like the warm watermelon color of All of Me and use it on the apples my cheeks and as a light lip color.

Ilia Multi Stick Natural Beauty Credo Beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

9. Ellis Brooklyn Fawn Perfume: $100

Fragrances are so personal and pretty hard for me to find. I don’t like things that smell super fake or synthetic, which is why I love Ellis Brooklyn’s scents so much. Made in small batches in Brooklyn, these formulas are biodegradable and in eco-friendly glass bottles. According to Credo, Fawn smells like, “Sun-warmed skin, a breeze of spring citrus and the addictive milky tones of coconut, Fawn is inspired by coming of age novels—how memorable and lingering they are—and the sweet innocence and underlying sexuality of growing up.”

Ellis Brooklyn Fawn Fragrance Natural Beauty Credo Beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

10. Tata Harper Clarifying Mask: $68

I love using this mask when my skin is feeling dull and clogged. This mask has an AHA Superfruit Blend with Lactic Acid from Bilberry and Malic & Tartaric Acids from Sugar Maple to encourage cell renewal to target blemishes and help clean and clear buildup to refine pores.

Tata Harper Clarifying mask natural beauty clean beauty

(via Credo Beauty)

11. Coola Organics Sunscreen Mineral FaceSPF 30 Matte Cucumber: $36

It is so so important to use a physical sunscreen and not a chemical sunscreen. Aside from the chemicals being bad for your face + health, ingredients like oxybenzone are extremely harmful to the ocean and our coral reefs. I have been a big fan of Coola for about three years now and this face SPF is a regular in my skincare routine!

Cool Organics Face Sunscreen Natural Beauty Credo beauty

(via Credo Beauty)



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