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Tick tock! I instantly fell head-over-heels for this cheeky clock sweater. I’m kind of crazy when it comes to time. I absolutely hate being late, one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m also fascinated by the concept that time never stops… We can only move one direction, and that’s forward. The concept is simple, but there is so much more to it. Why can’t we travel backwards? It’s also crazy to think that even while you’re asleep/ not feeling well / no longer here, time goes on… (Not to be morbid or anything…) read more

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#NYFW Style Diary

New York Fashion Week is always such a blur each season. There is so much prep involved that when the week actually comes, it feels like it flies by. This season, I covered the shows backstage for POPSUGAR, and did backstage coverage for OPI. Overall, this season was fantastic and I got some awesome interviews. My favorites were Tommy Hilfiger, Jamie Chung, and our man-on-the-streets segment.

I’ve recently gotten into the blogger game, so I’m actually not used to taking pictures of myself each day. I tried to document my outfits along the way, but some days they just got lost in the shuffle. Below are my three favorite looks from the and I’ve gathered some product to shop so you can recreate them too! I’m putting together a NYFW vlog too, so stay tuned for that. read more

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Back to School Shopping!

Ahh, fall shopping! This is definitely my favorite time of year for fashion – I adore light weight knits and jackets, jeans and loafers. I keep telling myself I’m going to reinvest in all of my wardrobe basics, but I still haven’t gotten around to it, sadly.

So for inspiration for both you (and myself!) I’ve put together the top 8 items on my back-to-school list! I’m craving a navy, wide brim fedora like nobody’s business.  I think it’s a great way to wear the fedora into fall. I’m also still crazy for all things camel, so I’m shopping for coats, a back pack, and great loafers all in this ’70s hue. I realized I still don’t have an amazing black boot, so these by Maiyet will finally fill that void! The perfect fitting mom jeans are a must, along with a classic breton stripe J.Crew top and a cozy turtleneck in cream. Shop all the goodness below 🙂 read more

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First of all, please excuse my messy closet! Over the next month, I am going to get rid of one piece of clothing every day in attempt to get my closet “back to basics.” I’m calling it, the #cleanclosetchallenge and I’d love for you to do it with me! Each day I’m going to put a short video up on my youtube channel showing you the piece I’m getting rid of and why.

Parting with clothes is actually really hard for me – unnecessarily hard. I’ve done several closet purges over the years, including a pretty big one when I moved last year, but it still wasn’t enough. And I’ve noticed in the past when I do big “clean outs,” I never get rid of enough. Which is why I’m doing it slowly this time. I’m really going to think about each piece I purge. read more

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