3 Easy and Cute Hairstyles For Bangs

Cute hairstyles for bangs top knot


Why does it always seem like women are talking about bangs? They’re either thinking about cutting them, just got them, thinking about growing them out, or complaining about the grow out–am I right? And then once you’ve got them, the conversation makes a quick turn on how to style them. What are some cute hairstyles for bangs? Luckily, I’ve got three easy and cute hairstyles for bangs that I know you’re going to love.

I’ll confess, I’m right there too. I have been talking about getting bangs for probably upwards of three years. I know, I’m very indecisive when it comes to my hair… and picking a place to eat. So as the story goes, my sister decided to get bangs and instantly I knew I had to get them too, because I couldn’t let her have the coolest hair cut in the family 🙂 We both see Nick Flores at Sally Hershberger salon and he always does such an amazing job with my hair, and this bang experiment was no exception.

The inspo was a soft, ’70s shag. Something in between Freja Beha Ericsson and Bridget Bardot–effortless and cool. Nick nailed the cut and I love them so much! I’ll be honest, it took me a few weeks to figure out what to do with them. Believe it or not, I’m super low maintenance when it comes to beauty. I have naturally straight hair and I prefer letting it air dry over blowing it out because it changes the texture and makes it feel dry. I initially let the bangs air dry and quickly realized that wasn’t going to work until they grew out a little bit, so I started blowing out just my bangs when I washed my hair.

My favorite part about having bangs is that every hair style looks so much cuter and more French. So, I decided to show you guys three cute hairstyles for bangs.

Style 1: Simple Half Top Knot

Easy half top knot cute hairstyles for bangs

Half top knot cute hairstyles for bangs

The simple half top knot has quickly become one of my go-to hairstyles! And while I wore this look pre-bangs, I think it looks so much better when you have bangs in front to frame your face. It’s almost like a balancing act – it helps counter balance all the hair you have hanging down in back. Here’s how to do it:

  • Grab a small section of hair on the top of your head. I like to start about an inch above my ears, and then drag my thumbs from my hair line into a triangular shape with my thumbs meeting 3/4 back on the top of my head.
  • Tightly twist small pony tail
  • Wrap the pony tail around itself into a little bun
  • Secure with safety pins
  • Finesse until you are happy with the look and shape


Style 2: Easy Pony

Loose pony cute hairstyles for bangs

Okay, I know what you’re probably thinking – what’s revolutionary about the pony tail? And honestly, nothing. But I’m sharing it because for such a long time when I didn’t have bangs, I never felt “pulled together” with a regular pony tail. It either had to be super low, or super high, slicked back, parted to one side, cemented to my head… you catch my drift. And there was nothing “easy” about aforementioned pony tail–in fact, it would usually take me longer. But alas, not this one! Bangs instantly make a look feel finished. Here’s how to create this easy pony:

  • Start by quickly curling your hair with a 1.5 inch curling iron. They don’t have to be perfect, but you do want to have some movement and dimension with your pony and if you have straight hair like me, you’ve gotta create some bends. 
  • Loosely gather your hair with your fingers. For this look, imperfection is key. I even like having a few rogue bumps in there for texture. 
  • The magic is in the placement. You don’t want it too low, or too high. Think of this as extension of your eye. The pony should rest, literally, on the top of your head.
  • Secure with a fabric pony, voila!
  • Pro tip: spray with texturizing spray for added volume

Style 3: The Top Knot

Easy top knot Cute hairstyles for bangs

Cute hairstyles for bangs top knot with bangs hanging down

Cute hairstyles for bangs top knot with bangs down

For the grand finale, my absolute favorite hair style and basically the reason I wanted to get bangs… the top knot! My makeup artist (and good friend) Kasia Bohos had bangs for years–and for years I was so jealous of how cute and effortless her hair looked when she wore it in a bun, especially knowing the fact that she literally rolled out of bed and didn’t try to look cute whatsoever. This is so simple, but I’ll write out the instructions anyways:

  • Follow Style 2 instructions for pony tail and placement (above)
  • Loosely twist pony tail and wrap around, creating a bun
  • Secure with bobby pins
  • Finesse and gently massage bun to create the shape you want
  • Make sure all bangs are out on both sides and pull out a few more little hairs for extra dramz.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post on my cute hairstyles for bangs! Let me know if you have bangs or if you’ve been wanting to cut them in the comments below! x

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Kiehl’s New Apothecary Preparations








The other day, Kiehl’s invited me to their Santa Monica store to experience their new Kiehl’s Apothecary Preparations–a new line of oils that is custom created for your skin type! As a devout face oil user, and a lover of anything custom, I was very excited for this experience.

It started off with a hydration test, which is used to see just how hydrated the skin is. I thought I would pass this test with flying colors, due to the amount of moisturizer and oil I put on my face each day and night, and the amount of water I drink each day. However, I was shocked that my skin ranked in the 33 percentile. Not good. I had just gotten off a flight from Dallas, where I was at the Sally Beauty influencer summit, so the skin expert helping me out blamed part of my low score on my frequent flights. The part that was interesting was that even though I am putting lots of products on my face and drinking tons of water, my dermis might not be retaining it. Scary!

For the actual oil formulation, Gina from Kiehl’s and I examined my skin, where we ranked my face on 4 qualities– wrinkles, sun spots, redness, and texture. The areas I am most concerned with are definitely wrinkles and sun spots, so I received the carrier oil with two tubes of treatment, one for each issue. The cool part is this apothecary experience is part DIY–you get sent home with a bottle of oil with a custom label with your name on it, and two treatment tubes that you have to squeeze into the carrier oil when you get home. My oil can only be used at night, and so far I am really loving the results!

Check and see if you have a Kiehl’s near you and definitely book a free consultation for your own, personalized face serum oil today!

4 Amazing At-Home Peels

As you guys know, I am constantly updating my beauty arsenal. I am a big fan of masks and peels, and love switching things up and trying new things depending on what my skin needs are. Recently, I have been trying a ton of new makeup products on my face, so I’ve been dealing with clogged pores and blackheads, ugh. But the upside is I’ve been experimenting with a few different at-home peels and masks that I have really fallen in love with! Here are my currently favorites right now.


1. goop exfoliating instant facial

I’m hooked on goop beauty products right now, and one of my favorites is the exfoliating instant facial. This product instantly brightens and softens the skin and leaves behind a glowing face! Apply a thin layer and leave it on for 3 minutes. One thing to note, it can cause redness and irritation because it uses 6 active acids, so make sure you apply lots of sunscreen to protect your skin.

2. Neogen Rice Peel & Activator Sake

You guys, my skin has never felt so soft and smooth after a product! I’m obsessed with this find from Soko Glam, the Neogen Rice Peel and Activator Sake.  This is a two step process that uses natural brighteners, like rice powered and sake, to physically and chemically draw out impurities, like blackheads! Game changer!

3. Murad Intensive C Radiance Peel

This has been a tried and true classic of mine for awhile. I love it because it brightens, smoothes and hydrates skin damaged by sun, smog and stress in a single treatment. And, it uses glycolic acid and a jolt of Vitamin C to really awaken the skin!

4. Caudalie Glycolic Peel

Caudalie makes beautiful products, and this peel clears the complexion, tightens pores and gives you an immediate burst of radiance while exfoliating gently the skin. 


Fashionable Fitness Gear




As I mentioned in this post a month or so ago, I have been on a quest to get fit. I’ve always been the type to workout–I thoroughly enjoy exercise classes, dancing, and hiking. However, over the years, I started noticing more and more flab and less toning, despite my regular barre classes and Runyon Canyon visits. 

It’s said that “nothing changes, if nothing changes.” So, I set out to change my routine try pilates. I had heard amazing things about Pilates Platinum and decided to really give it a go. I won’t lie, it’s freaking hard. And, it doesn’t get easier, but I love it. Why? Because as you get stronger, you’re able to dig into each move and muscle more. And the funny part is, moves that I thought were “easier” when I started I’m actually now finding challenging, because I now have the strength to do them correctly. Shout out to my fave instructor at the Hollywood Pilates Platinum, Ricky Rebel!

Anyways, this post is actually about my outfit. As I’ve progressed in my pilates fitness journey, I’ve had this urge to up my workout wardrobe. I take classes early in the morning so I have the rest of my day to blog, create content, host and produce videos for Refinery29 and Racked, and run my business. Since I’m getting up early, I don’t have a lot (if any) time to stand there and style a workout outfit–I need a grab and go kinda look. 

Enter: Threads for Thought–a conscious fitness brand that cares about the environment. Did you know that fashion is the third dirtiest industry on the planet. Threads for Thought has set out to change that by designing and producing sustainable fashion that helps improve the planet.  I’m wearing the Leela Leggings ($60) and the Annalee bra ($45) which you can, and should, shop now! And, use my PROMO CODE: ALLISONM30 to get 30% off site wide until 10/21!

Oh, and it gets better. Threads for Thought has a CONTEST going on right now where you can win $500 shopping spree! Click right here to enter the Threads for Thought shopping spree.

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My Fave New Workout Gear

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I have been doing a ton of Pilates Platinum. I am addicted, and I’m really starting to see results! As someone who only worked out from time to time before, I’m not going to lie my workout wardrobe wasn’t really on point. I’ve been slowly trying to update my workout closet with a mix of classic colors and prints that are interchangeable and cohesive. 

A new go-to brand of mine is Tapout. Whether you’re a hardcore athlete, frequent a high intensity workout class like spinning, or are more of the yoga type, Tapout really has something for everyone. I settled on the gray Warrior sports bra ($30) and the Circuit Prestige Capri printed pants ($40.) 

I know the printed legging trend has been around for while, but I still wasn’t sold, at least, for myself. However, I was instantly drawn to this gray printed pair from Tapout. I like how these are still semi-minimal since the pattern consists of gray, white and black… I don’t feel like I’m wearing some crazy lady pattern, which in any other case, I’d be fine with, but at the gym or pilates, I don’t necessarily like drawing extra attention to myself. Did I mention these pants are super comfy? I’m in love! I also adore anything with mesh details and I like how these have the mesh insert in the back of the knee. 

Also, I have exciting news! Use the code: ALLISONTAP20 for 20% off your order until 9/30! Get shopping!













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