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Keeping it very laid back on the blog today! I’m always buying stripes… especially striped shirts, I just can’t get enough! This shirt has teeny tiny blue and white stripes that are so thin, they’re hard to make out unless you’re really up close. If you haven’t noticed already, I can’t get enough of long vests. They are so freaking awesome and make an outfit look more complete. The one I’m wearing here was actually made to be worn as a dress, but I left it unbuttoned and wore it as a vest. It, too, is striped, but instead of blue and white like the top, it’s cream and khaki. I really like subtle print mixing, I think it’s chic and elevated.

I then tried out these cream jeans I’ve had forever but have been too nervous to wear (there is something about tight, white jeans I still have a stigma against.) However, I really like the result. A super casual outfit in a very muted, light palette that’s comfortable and great for a day of errands and laid-back meetings.

Like what you see? I’ve gathered lots of yummy items to shop below.

Top | AYR

Vest | Line and Dot

Pants | AYR

Shoes | Converse

Bag | Alexander Wang

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