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Some days you just want to throw on your coziest clothes and call it a day. But recently, I’ve had a paradigm shift. Comfortable doesn’t have to equal sweats or workout clothes. In fact, I never realized how many cozy pieces I have in my closet until recently.

If you think about it, the act of putting on clothes, whether it’s an evening dress or gym clothes, is the exact same process. With the exception of things that are super tight or corseted, the very act of putting on clothes is almost the same across the board. So why, on our laziest days, do we get out of our sleeping wear and into loungewear, when we just as easily could have put on an outfit?

As someone who started working freelance from home last year, this is a situation I frequently struggled with, especially at the beginning. I would find myself in sweats all day, and feeling really guilty about it, especially since I dole out fashion advice here on my blog and on my Instagram. I pin pointed my morning outfit struggle to the fact that I just didn’t want to think about getting dressed. So I started to approach the situation entirely different. On days when I knew I was going to be doing blog posts and emails, I forced myself to go into my closet and get “dressed,” but approached it with the same nonchalance that I would reaching into my sweats drawer, 

The result? This outfit. And many other great outfits similar to this. And you know what? I liked this look so much, I repeated it and shot if for the blog. This outfit is proof that sometimes, all you need is a little perspective. And on top of that, this outfit is pretty damn comfortable.

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