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I have always had a huge appreciation for vintage. My love of clothes came from my mom and she has given me so many awesome items that I still wear today, including this stellar neck scarf I wore a few posts ago. While I have the patience of a two year old most of the time, for some reason when it comes to clothes, I’m OK with the chase, after all, a great find can be hard to come by.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling all over the world, collecting items from my journeys. However, there is one store that reigns supreme — Funky Town tucked away in Camden Market in London, England. I’ve shopped there twice and both times come home with armfuls of awesome dresses; however, this one is by far my favorite of the bunch.

The thing I love about this dress is the colors ––  the navy acts as the perfect canvas to splash orange, yellow, and teal prints down the chest and arms. In the past I have let the dress standalone sans jewelry, but I found these earrings that I MADE (don’t believe me? watch the video here) and I knew they would look awesome. 

The rest of the outfit was a no brainer. My trusty Zara heels and my favorite (and first!) Chanel bag. I’ve collected some similar dresses you can shop below. Leave me a comment and follow me on Periscope / Snap Chat / Instagram for all my behind-the-scenes.

Dress | Vintage via Funky Town

Shoes | Zara

Earrings | DIY

Bag | Chanel

Photos | Elaine Torres

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