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How fantastic is this color? That’s the first of many things that caught my eye about this cobalt blue number. I used to never go for anything low cut, but I’m having sort of a fashion renaissance where I’ve been trying out all sorts of looks that I wouldn’t typically wear. I mean, I wore a bright orange blazer without a shirt underneath. WHO AM I? As they say, change is good. And, actually I’ve been delighted with the outcome… broadening my horizons, if you will.

I digress, back to this look. I wore this dress once prior with suede, mustard flats. This time around, I decided to go with black. I haven’t really been able to take off these Zara lace-up lovelies since I bought them a few weeks ago. Can you blame me? I recently have been getting into hats and now I really can’t stop wearing them. I wore a hat in my first few blog posts and I really adored the photos. I always felt kind of like a poser in them, but after seeing how good they look in pictures, I’ve gotten a second wind of confidence. These photos were shot on the picturesque Shakespeare’s Bridge in Silver Lake. This whole process has been a lot of fun for me because it’s allowed me to explore new areas around LA. Shop my outfit below and feel free to leave me a comment below! xx

Dress | The Jet Set Diaries

Shoes | Zara

Hat | Target

Watch | Movado

Photos | Elaine Torres

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