Black Boudoir





It’s a very rare occasion when I dress “sexy.” In fact, it really never happens. But, there is something slightly alluring about an LBD so delicate and slinky, it could be mistaken for a neglige. One of the most fun parts about fashion, for me, is exploring different sides of my personality. Case in point, this all black boudoir look. As I was getting dressed, I knew I wanted to take my vintage Chanel bag out for the night, so I wanted an outfit that created a nice backdrop for the main attraction.

This purse is so special to me. I got it in Paris while I was studying abroad at the Sorbonne at the most fabulous vintage shop in Les Marais. It’s a little bit weathered, but I couldn’t resist the tassels and the dusty pink color.

I decided to go all black, you can never go wrong with that. The intrigue is in the textures. The dress is a simple light silk chiffon while the jacket is satin – something I rarely wear but I made an exception here – and suede strappy shoes.

I really love how this outfit looks together, especially set against this bright red wall in Silverlake. Did I mention that I adore mixing like colors together? There’s something so fashion forward about a good pink and red combo. I’ve collated a few of the same and similar items below so you can shop my look!

Dress | Style Stalker

Blazer | Paige

Bag | Chanel

Shoes | ASOS

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