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Suits always feel like second skin to me. I’m a sucker for a good button-up, a well-fit blazer, and loose trousers. I grew up going to a private school from kindergarten until eighth grade, and we were required to wear a rotation of oxford shirts, polos, trousers, pleated skirts, ties and v-neck wool sweaters, and even though I was ecstatic when I got to start wearing my own clothes in high school, the prep school uniform still gave me a sense of security and nostalgia.

After my scantily-clad high school years, I’m not surprised that my style slowly returned to a more fashion forward version of the prep school student I once was. Nowadays, I wear something similar to this blue get up at least once a week. Blue is my favorite color, especially navy, and I have so much fun experimenting with different shades and mixing blue tones. The result I find refreshing.

As an avid Bates Motel watcher, I was excited to check this art installation out on the corner of Sunset and Bates in Silverlake. I found out later that the white-coated motel and landscape doesn’t actually have anything to do with the show itself, but nonetheless the street name still excites me. French artist Vincent Lamouroux turned the vacant Sunset Pacific Motel, also known as “Bates Motel”, into an art installation ahead of it’s unavoidable demolition. Vincent covered the entire space with a white limewash, creating a stark contrast against Los Angeles’s blue skies.

The day I visited Bates Motel, the skies were rather overcast, creating a vibe I found much more exciting: ominous, eery, and full of secrets. The white palm trees were so high and white, they almost disappeared into the clouds. The all white setting was the ideal location to show case the brilliant, mismatched blues… and also the perfect backdrop for an Alfred Hitchcock crime scene.

Jacket | Zara

Pants | Rebecca Taylor

Shoes | Converse

Top | Brandy Melville

Photos | Elaine Torres

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