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OK so the title might be cheesy, but I have to explain. When I was a little girl, I thought the Disney classic Alice in Wonderland¬†was actually titled Allison Wonderland… and I thought the movie was about me, narcissism clearly started well before Instagram for me. Jokes aside, if you say it fast, it really does kind of sound like Allison instead of Alice in, but I guess that’s irrelevant.

Any who, while I never got to live out my fantasy of falling asleep in a field of foot high daisies or befriending – and smoking – with a rainbow caterpillar, this outfit evokes all of the feelings I imagined as a little girl. The dress is feminine, floaty, and perfect for a day at the park, and I think Alice might even approve thanks to the cinched waist belt with tiny tassels.

I’ve been wanting to wear this bag for awhile, and the weekend is really the only time I deemed appropriate to wear such a piece. I am originally from the East Coast (Maryland, to be exact) and I grew up visiting my grandparent’s summer house every year in Cape Cod, Mass. For those of you who don’t know, this is a classic, 9 inch Nantucket basket purse, complete with an ivory placard on top and a penny glued to the bottom on the inside. I have had this purse for 20 years! It’s so special to me, and I like the fact that not everyone in the world has one.

Dress | LOFT

Bag | Nantucket Basket Purse

Shoes | Shoe Dazzle

Photos | Elaine Torres


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