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I must admit, I’ve purposely shied away from wearing green hues ever since I dyed my hair bright red. Why? Like most, I try to stay away from color themes that drum up festive thoughts like orange and black, red and green, black and yellow, you get the picture. And while I’ve always had a thing for olive, I put my green envy to bed, favoring my bright red hair instead. 

Now I know what you might be thinking… redheads look great in green. This I know, but I personally think the shade of red + green has to be perfect in order to not look campy. And I’ve found, that when my hair is faded and I’m due for a color refresh, that’s the time when I look best in olive.

So, I gave it a whirl. I’ve been wanting to try out these slouchy green trousers, and decided to pair them with a nubby, striped sweater that perfectly plays off of the green trousers. Right now, I am loving these ’70s sunnies that are a bit geriatric, but hey, that’s why I like em!

I’ve filled the gallery below with beautiful items to shop, so get your carts ready! xx

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