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I’ve been a denim on denim junky for awhile, but I have to admit, I’ve been getting a bit tired of the good ‘ol jeans and chambray combo. Sure, it’s easy and never ceases to disappoint in the style department, but there are only so many times you can feel flossy (yes, I just used the term flossy, I’m trying to make it happen) in your go-to outfit.

Then, I came across this denim tent dress. It’s comfortable, perfect for twirling, and will hide any food baby – but, it cut my arms off in the most unfortunate spot, making me look a bit like a line backer. Needless to say, bare arms were not going to work, so I went back to the age old denim on denim styling trick, and the result I found fresh, inspiring, and right in-line with this season’s ’70s trend.

The denim dress itself has a very saturated, mid-wash hue, so I wanted something that provided a nice amount of contrast. I bought this light-wash chambray top from Madewell a few years ago, and have since gifted it to several special ladies in my life including my little sister. I love the decidedly ’70s feel of this whole look — it feels a tad more irreverent than some of the outfits filling up my instagram feed.

I toyed with the shoe choice for a tad longer then usual. My instinct was to go with chucks, but sadly I have legs that max out around 3 feet, and the dress already took up a ton of real estate of my stature. I wanted something to ground the look and give me height, so I chose a pair of white stacked mules. They have been referred to by a friend of mine as my “hospital slides,” but I don’t really care I like ’em. The last add on was the tan camera bag, which doubles as a cute little purse. Like my look? Shop similar styles below. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Dress | Native Youth

Shirt | Madewell

Camera Bag | Urban Outfitters

Shoes | H&M

Photos | Elaine Torres

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