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This outfit combines so many summer trends, and I’ve had every piece in this outfit for at least 2 years! I love when I can look into my closet and find things that feel super current, but are actually way old… that’s the beauty of shopping vintage and finding cool pieces. 

Let’s start with the pants. I’ve never worn these pants before – they actually belonged to my grandfather, who I sadly never got to meet, and I think they’re the only possession I have of his. I’ve been wanting to wear them for awhile, but never quite had the courage. Today, I just decided to go for it. Wide leg, loose, printed trousers for the win! I’m so glad I own these and I will keep them forever.

Mules are also having a moment, and these white leather beauties gave me some much needed height to pull off the pants. I’m not fully sold on mules, and I like that you can only really see the front. I put a few cute pairs in the gallery below if you’re interested in trying out the look!

The top — funny enough, I’ve almost gotten rid of this shirt several times. I’ve never worn it until today! I bought it at a store on Melrose that repurposes older pieces and makes them new again. In this case, they decided to omit the shoulders. The open shoulder trend was all over the runways for the season, but I personally wasn’t into the look… until I realized I already had this top. I’m still not fully sold on this style top either, because I’m a practical person and the thought of just letting the shoulder peek out is odd to me… But I do like trying out new things, and after wearing this top for a full day, I’m going to stop knocking the open shoulder. 

The final “trend” is the ’70s, which is the overarching vibe of the whole outfit and backdrop. I feel very Frank Sinatra in Palm Springs… I love the ’70s trend and I’ve had a good time playing with different ways to nod to the decade without being super on the nose. 

What do you think of my outfit? Let me know below! xx

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  1. Thank you…you have no idea the shock and happiness I felt when I saw this photo of my daughter in my Dad’s slacks. I can see him again thru you..the memories came flooding back to 1976…. I am so glad I saved them…

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