Is the 1980s Makeup Look Coming Back?

1980s makeup blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick with big red hair

Red head with 1980s makeup blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick

1980s makeup blue eyeshadow pink lipstick big hair

1980s makeup blue eyeshadow pink hair shoulder pads


Get ready, because they ’80s are going to be back in a big way this year. And, yes, that includes the infamous 1980s makeup. Blue eyeshadow, pink lipstick, and big hair (and dare I say perms?) are making their way back into fashion. I noticed the trend of an ’80s revival beginning last year with cult obsessions like Stranger Things, and knew instantly that the 80s would make it’s way into the fashion set. The ’90s have been around long enough, and I’m actually excited to play with different fashion nods to the decade that I was born in!

When I think of the ’80s I think of Madonna, big hair, irreverent, bold makeup, weird wedding dresses, Michael Jackson, shoulder pads… the list goes on and on and on! Usually, when we think of ’80s beauty, we shudder a bit, am I right? The hair was so bad and the makeup was tacky AF, so I wanted to challenge myself to make it chic and modern. Lately, I’ve been playing with all sorts of crazy eye colors lately (like this pink shadow look I did the other day) and realized I had to do a modern version of 1980s makeup: blue shadow and pink lips.

To keep the look soft and feminine, so I chose a pastel blue shadow with a little shimmer that actually felt super Bridget Bardot in the ’70s if I wore it alone. I went with my normal face makeup routine, which you can read about here. Then, I added on a brilliant baby pink lip from Too Faced in Melted Marshmallow. 

For the hair, I curled it and then gave it a tease around the crown of my head for a little more ’80s vavavolume. And then, added texture with the Ouai’s texturizing hair spray. And voila, ’80s! Oh, and of course, this authentic vintage plaid blazer from Vintage2049’s etsy store was the only think I needed to finish off the look. This blazer even has shoulder pads! Dead. 

Shop my makeup look below! And prepare yourself to see a lot of 1980s makeup inspired looks right now. 

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